The Lech Valley in winter

Walk & enjoy

Winter hiking in Holzgau and the Lech Valley


Holzgau also has certified, upkept hiking trails in winter which are ideal for taking a stroll or hiking. A hike amongst the open mountain huts shouldn't be undertaken without a toboggan. It's not something for only children to get excited about. 


The sprawling valley landscape of the Lech Valley makes hiking possible even in winter and there are over 100km of maintained winter hiking trails to do it in.
Stock up on your reserves and enjoy the idyll of the snowy landscape. Winter hiking is also ideal for families because there is plenty to discover in winter too.
Some of the huts are also open in winter, so you can get a boost and warm up after a hike with mulled wine, hot tea, and a small snack.
If you want to leave the cleared winter trails and savour the silence of nature, we recommend a guided snowshoe hike on the areas suitable for this.

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