Gasthof Bären


Business name: Gasthof Bären
Owner: Reinhold Lumper
Street: Holzgau 56
PLZ / Ort: AT-6654 Holzgau
Phone: +43 5633 5217
Fax: +43 5633 5359
USt-IdNo: ATU 51718805
Court jurisdiction: Bezirksgericht Reutte
Specialised group: hotel and restaurant industry
Chamber affiliation: Member of the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce

Court jurisdiction: Reutte District Court
Specialist group: Hotel industry and gastronomy
Chamber affiliation: Member of the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce


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Leisure: Lisa & Bernhard Lumper, Fun Rafting Lechtal,Salvemini Sergio,,
Jöchelspitzbahn: Skilifte Warth; Alex Kaiser