Every day a new adventure

Summer vacation in the Lech Valley

As colorful as you dare

Mountain summer

The Lechtal mountains can be discovered in many different ways. Every day you wake up in a pristine landscape, nestled between the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps. Hiking on well-trodden mountain paths, a bike tour in one of the idyllic side valleys, swimming in a natural bathing pond or a canyoning tour in one of the inaccessible gorges. Alternatively, you can lie down in one of the colorful meadows, breathe in the flowery scent and simply leave everyday life behind. Whatever you want, you will find it here. Everything in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Gasthof Bären.
Sommerurlaub im Lechtal
Sommerurlaub im Lechtal
Sommerurlaub im Lechtal. Radfahren

Being at home in the mountains

Hiking & Climbing

Start your day-tour directly from the hotel. Imposing peaks with wide views, glittering mountain lakes, rustic huts and alpine pastures are easy to explore. Hiking trails of all levels of difficulty are waiting for your hard-working legs, at your own pace. We will gladly tell you the way to the most beautiful places in the Lechtal.

Mountain railroads

If you want to skip an exhausting ascent or return to the valley in a way that is easy on your legs, simply use one of the 5 mountain railroads. With the Lechtal Aktiv Card, which is included in all our room rates, you ride comfortably and free of charge in the middle of your mountain experience.

Refreshing swim

After a nice hike, refreshment in the cool water is simply good. You choose: Whether mountain lake, natural bathing pond or even outdoor pools, indoor pool to the thermal spa. In the Lechtal you have many opportunities to splash and swim.


If you are not afraid of heights, climbing is the right activity for you. In the region around the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps and in the Lechquellgebirge, unmatched climbing fun awaits you. For climbing novices to hardened professionals. Climbing courses are offered on an ongoing basis. We will gladly inform you on site.

Radfahren & Mountainbiken

Cycling & Mountain Biking

The Lech Valley Nature Park can also be wonderfully discovered on two wheels. On the well-developed network of bike paths along the Lech you can explore the idyllic small villages in a much more intensive way. The side valleys with their mountain villages and alpine pastures demand a lot from your physical condition, but reward you with fantastic mountain panoramas. With an e-bike you can choose the more energy-saving variant. There are several bike and e-bike rental options on site.

Flight sports, Canyoning & Rafting

If you want to experience the Lech Valley in a special way, you can do it with a tandem flight in airy heights, on a rafting boat or in a gorge with canyoning. We are happy to arrange tours for you.

Experience the Lech Valley!

Lechtal Guiding

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Lechtal Active Card

The "all-in-one" card!

Lechtal Active Card

Lechtal Active Card
This small card has great advantages and is included in the room rate during the summer months. You can use it to take advantage of great vacation offers. NO EXTRA COSTS! The Lechtal Active Card is particularly convincing as an “all-in-one” card, in the truest sense of the word. It offers a wide selection of free and discounted leisure activities in the entire Tyrolean Lechtal Nature Park region. Ideal for your vacation in Tyrol.

Die Vorteile im Überblick

Lechtal Aktiv Card

Kostenloser Wanderbus

zwischen Lech am Arlberg und Reutte

über das Hahntennjoch nach Imst

Seitentäler-Verbindungen nach Kaisers, Gramais, Pfafflar und Hinterhornbach

Radtransport für E-Bikes & Fahrräder möglich (max. 5 Stellplätze pro Bus) Transportkosten für Radanhänger // € 5 pro Bike

Kostenlose Bergbahnen

Lechtaler Bergbahn Jöchelspitze in Bach
Betrieb*: ab 2. Juni – bis 01. Nov 

Steffisalp Express in Warth
Betrieb*: ab 19. Juni – 10. Okt 

Petersboden-Bahn in Lech
Betrieb*: ab 18. Juni – 03. Okt

Rüfikopfbahn in Lech
Betrieb*: ab 18. Juni – 03. Okt

Bergbahn Oberlech in Lech
Betrieb*: ab 18. Juni – 03. Okt

Ermäßigte Bergbahnen

Hahnenkammbahn Höfen | -50% auf den Standardtarif
Betrieb*: ab 02. Juni – bis 01. Nov
*) Betrieb der Bergbahnen unter Vorbehalt, bitte informiert Euch tagesaktuell!

Ermäßigte Frei-und Hallenbäder

Freibäder Elbigenalp und Häselgehr € 1 pro Tag und Person

Naturbadeteich “Badino” Vorderhornbach € 1 pro Tag und Person

Erlebnishallenbad “Aqua Nova” in Steeg -25%

Alpentherme Ehrenberg in Reutte -25%

Kostenlose Freizeit- & Outdoor-Angebote

“Stabltour” & “Schmugglertour” in Hinterhornbach bei Naturpark Tiroler Lech

Dorf- & Kulturspaziergang in Holzgau

Botanische Wanderung zum Bergheumuseum mit den Kräuterhexen

Ermäßigte Freizeit- & Outdoor-Angebote pro Person

Sommerrodelbahn “Wally Blitz” | -50% auf jede Fahrt

Tennisplatz in Elbigenalp | um € 1

Rafting & Canyoning bei Fun Rafting | € 4 auf regulären Preis

Canyoning & Wildwasserschwimmen mit MK Canyoning | € 5 auf alle Touren

Rafting, Canyoning & Mountainbike bei Nature Adventur Touren | € 5 auf alle Touren

Geführte Touren mit den Guides von “Grenzenlos” – Bike mit 4 Pfoten, Kultur- & Genuss-Wanderung nach Fallerschein und Barrierefrei-Wanderung am Lech | -25% pro Person

geführte Berg-, Wander-, Rad-, Biketouren bei Bergschule Arlberg Snowsports | -10% auf alle Sommerangebote

Kletterkurse, Hike-, Bike-Tour & Canyoning bei Lechtal Guiding | € 10 auf ausgewählte Touren

Ermäßigte Kultur-Angebote pro Person

Naturparkausstellung “Der letzte Wilde” | um € 1

Museum “Wunderkammer Elbigenalp” | um € 3

Museum “Grünes Haus” in Reutte | um € 2

Burgenwelt Ehrenberg “Dem Ritter auf der Spur” | um € 1

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass alle Angaben unter Vorbehalt stehen. Eventuelle, kurzfristige Änderungen sind möglich. Bitte setze Dich bei Fragen mit uns oder mit dem Tourismusverband Lechtal in Verbindung.

Advantages at a glance

Lechtal Active Card

Free hiking bus

between Lech am Arlberg and Reutte

via the Hahntennjoch to Imst

Side valley connections to Kaisers, Gramais, Pfafflar and Hinterhornbach

Bike transport for e-bikes & bicycles possible (max. 5 parking spaces per bus) Transport costs for bike trailer // € 5 per bike

Free mountain raileway

Lechtal mountain railroad Jöchelspitze in Bach
Operation*: from 2 June – until 01 Nov

Steffisalp Express in Warth
Operation*: from 19 June – 10 Oct

Petersboden cable car in Lech
Operation*: from 18 June – 03 Oct

Rüfikopfbahn in Lech
Operation*: from 18 June – 03 Oct

Oberlech mountain railroad in Lech
Operation*: from 18 June – 03 Oct

Discounted mountain railroads

Hahnenkammbahn Höfen | -50% on the standard rate
Operation*: from 02. June – until 01. Nov
*) Operation of the cable cars is subject to change, please inform yourself daily!

Discounted outdoor and indoor swimming pools

Outdoor pools Elbigenalp and Häselgehr € 1 per day and person

Natural swimming pond “Badino” Vorderhornbach € 1 per day and person

Indoor adventure pool “Aqua Nova” in Steeg -25%.

Alpine thermal bath Ehrenberg in Reutte -25%

Free leisure & outdoor offers

Stabltour” & “Smuggler’s Tour” in Hinterhornbach near Nature Park Tiroler Lech

Village & culture walk in Holzgau

Botanical hike to the Bergheumuseum with the herb witches

Discounted leisure & outdoor offers

Summer toboggan run “Wally Blitz” | -50% on every ride

Tennis court in Elbigenalp | at € 1

Rafting & Canyoning with Fun Rafting | € 4 on regular price

Canyoning & white water swimming with MK Canyoning | € 5 on all tours

Rafting, Canyoning & Mountainbike with Nature Adventur Tours | € 5 on all tours

Guided tours with the guides of “Grenzenlos” – Bike with 4 Paws, Culture & Pleasure Hike to Fallerschein and Barrier-free Hike on the Lech | -25% per person

guided mountain, hiking, biking and bike tours at Bergschule Arlberg Snowsports | -10% on all summer offers

climbing courses, hike-, bike-tour & canyoning at Lechtal Guiding | € 10 on selected tours

Discounted culture

Nature park exhibition “The last savage” | at € 1

Museum “Wunderkammer Elbigenalp” | at € 3

Museum “Grünes Haus” in Reutte | at € 2

Castle world Ehrenberg “On the trail of the knight” | at € 1

We would like to point out that all information is subject to change. Possible, short-term changes are possible. Please contact us or the Lechtal Tourism Association if you have any questions.